What we do

  • Consulting and Research - If you want us to design or improve a strategy.
  • Programming - If you have a strategy which you want to have programmed or changed.
  • Backtesting and Optimization - If you have a working automated strategy and want to know its strength and weaknesses, optimize its performance.
  • Custom Programming - If you want something beyond standard possibilities of trading platforms. Web-based solutions, bridges, stand-alone applications.

Why Work With Us?

  • icon_01We have proven track record of delivery of the most complex solutions in time and budget.
  • icon_02Our customer service is fast and efficient we try to respond within same or next business day.
  • icon_03We can start working on your project almost immediately. No queues or delays.
  • icon_05By working with us you not only get professional developers, but also people with vast knowledge of financial markets and algorithms.
  • icon_04All our work comes with guarantee and after-sale support is free.
  • icon_06We are based in London, UK. All our staff is required to be proficient in English.