Algorithmic Trading Consulting and Research

The main task of this service is to design an algorithmic trading strategy that matches your requirements and investment objectives. We start work with interviewing you, basing on which we create research plan with few prospective strategies. Working further we single out one or two strategies for deeper research and development. We also are happy to apply our expertise to improve your existing strategy.
In our work we use various concepts and models such as:

  • Trend determination and validation
  • Adjustments to volatility
  • Dynamic and static support and resistance
  • Correlation and Cointegration
  • Pattern recognition
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Optimal portfolio models and portfolio backtesting
These are just examples of much wider selection of tools we are using in designing your strategy. Through years of experience we collected a huge library of models and techniques. But the most valuable is our expertise in designing, building, testing and perfecting strategies.
At every stage we present what we have done and the plan for the next step.
In the end you receive detailed description of the strategy, its backtest under various market conditions and report with all important information. If you are interested in automation we move to development and implementation stage.
Disclaimer: Please, understand that we are not wizards. There is no magic pill or Holy Grail of the market. Development of a successful mechanical trading system requires hard work from us and understanding for you. We try not only create strategy which suits your trading style and objectives, but also teach you how to use it profitably. That is why we never sell ready-made, black box solutions which stop working as soon as market changes a little. Thanks for understanding.

Backtest and Optimization

You need this service if you want to have an independent view on your automated strategy. We run extensive tests and put it under different market conditions to find out its strength and weaknesses. In the end you receive a report with the results of tests and our opinion and suggestions. The report will show not only profitability and the best parameters of the strategy, but also include analysis of the strategy performance in different market states, stability of the results and give recommendations on what can be done to improve the strategy further.

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