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Programming to MetaTrader 4

Do you have an idea of trading indicator or strategy? Do you want to have them in your MetaTrader 4? From simplest –“few lines of code” indicators to complex autotrading strategies, QuantMotion is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions that match your unique requirements.

How it works at Quantmotion:

1. Initial contact and gathering of requirements.
2. We review the project and determine required work. If needed we contact you to clarify unclear aspects of the project.
3. Depending on the project it can be:
a. We give you our offer for time and cost. The price is final; we will not charge you anything extra for testing or debugging the end program.
b. If cost is not possible to determine due to either insufficient data (e.g. following steps depend on the result of the initial steps) or complexity of the project (e.g. project includes unpredictable amount of research before development) the project is divided into milestones and payment schedule is discussed accordingly.
4. If you agree on our terms we begin working.
5. After programming is done, the product is submitted to internal testing by a special quality assurance officer for comprehensive testing.
6. After that the final product is delivered to you.
7. If you find any problems with it or need any small modifications, they provided at no extra cost within 6 months of delivery.


All our cost is fully transparent. If we give you our offer we will never ask you to pay more within the scope of the project.


We give 100% money back guarantee if we cannot deliver the project according to agreed specs.

Privacy and non-disclosure:

We understand the paramount importance of privacy in our business. Quantmotion has strong privacy rules. Working with us you are sure that we will never sell, give or in any way distribute your intellectual property to anyone outside our company. We have been working for few years on the market and never leaked anything belonging to our clients. Non-disclosure agreement is signed upon request.

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